SEO trends update for 2018-2019


If you looking for SEO trends for 2018-2019. Then you are here to learn that.

The SEO industry always changing. In last 6 month its changed many time and this change will be continued. So without knowing the SEO trend, you cannot rank your site on search engines. If you have checked the recent changes then you will better understand what I am talking about.

Like, few days ago, keyword density was the prime factor for on-page SEO. But now it does not work. Rather if use high density for your keyword, it will not rank.

That is why you need to know trends to rank your site. You have to know what trend is running now and what will be dominated in the next few years. It is not any kind of lame article about “SEO trends for 2018-2019”, I will mention only those trends that are dominating SEO world this time and also try to predict some upcoming trend. So let’s get started now.

Mobile First Index

Now a days almost 65% of traffic is coming from mobile search. You know how much Google values the page speed of a site. The mobile-first index becomes most important factors of page ranking. Nowadays, the developers are trying to make the page responsive for mobile  so that the traffic comes from mobile search gets good speed. From now no site will rank on google if the site is not well optimized for mobile version. So make sure your site is good optimized for mobile


Site Page Speed

Today every visitor wants site load fast. Google also love that.  If your site page speed is good then more chance to rank on higher. You know what; People don’t like any slow web pages that take much time for loading. If you have a slow web-page, your site ranking will drop. So make sure your page speed is good. Though page speed has been main google ranking factors for last few years, in 2018, google emphasis more on speed.



Google Voice Search

In 2017, the google voice search started getting popularity and in 2018, it now becomes a trend. Nowadays, many people are using voice searches instead of typing hand. Its easy and save much time. Now a days everyone is busy so voice search getting popularity. So google focus on it.


The Rise of “Linkless” Backlinks

The latest Google algorithm update says that backlinks are not going to work as a well as previously worked. That means now it doesn’t matter of big deal that from where or whom person the links are coming. The links are not working anymore.



SEO industry is changing everytime. Google can change seo algorithm when they want in order to provide best resutl to their users. You need to keep updated yourself and follow trends for rank your site. You need to change your strategy to rank your website higher on google.

Remember, if your site is well optimized for user and provide it good value to user then surely your site will rank. No question about that. So ensure that better content good site speed and always follow google update.


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