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Hello Trader, I would like to say a very big thank you for reading my post, am glad you made it here even If you got it free or you bought it for $199, because the information contained inside is all you need. Especially as a Binary Option Trader to make yourself a living, get out of dept, help your friends and family and so on.There is a reason while I choose to trade Binary Options and that is because, binary option is just very easy to trade when you have the right strategy or tool for it. It is very easy to Make Money on Binary Options Trading. Even if you lose a trade, it is the invested amount that was lost unlike the local FOREX trading whereby your total account can be at risk with just one simple mistake, and trust me on this, Binary Option is the right choice for you as a trader and my strategy is here to make you a successful trader the way you have ever wanted to be.

Everybody, one way or the other might have lost some money to binary option brokers, Forex brokers, useless tools, signal services, bots and trading strategies, the truth is nobody wants to tell you the truth, that is,you don’t need all that to make money and most of these so called gurus haven’t even made money from trading themselves, they make their money from selling you craps, and this is the main reason while I decided to give out my secret trading strategy free so that you as a trader can test
it, see how it works and apply it to your trading and see real results,moreover, this is not a get rich-quick scheme or a promise to make you millions per day, it takes proper understanding of the strategy, right application and good timing before you can achieve the said 80% Win Ratio.

What You Need To Know Before Getting Started.

=> Basic MT4/MT5 Knowledge is needed, that is, you should at least,
understand what is called “Candlesticks” how to add charts to your
meta trader, how to apply objects and draw lines, and if you don’t,
make some research on Google or watch some Videos on YouTube
and then come back to the ebook, this is because, you might not
understand anything written within if you don’t have the basic
knowledge of your meta trader and also, I will not reply your emails
or Skype messages if your question is how to add objects or draw
lines on MT5.

=> Only Use the MT5 from .
Because that is what I use for analysis and all the Key Formations contained in this ebook was plotted on the same MT5.

=> Please make sure you read, practices and understand all the formations before applying it to trading.

=> Expiry rates, flexibility of trading time and fast payouts matters a lot
in a Binary Option, in this case if you having difficulties choosing a
good broker you can Contact Me for a list of recommended brokers
to trade with, so that getting paid when you make money won’t be a
problem. I have made this mistake in the past and I have lost some
fortune to brokers so please do not make this mistake, at the end of
my post.

Now before you start reading further,
• Make sure you have your MT5 Installed
• Get Your Currency pairs added
• Set your time frame to M5 (5 Minutes) because our expiry duration is 3 to 4 candlesticks.


You need to read before now that Forex, Binary Options,Indices and all form of online trading carries a lot of risk on your main capital, that is true, please do not invest all your life savings. Because you want to make money, only invest what you can afford to lose and you won’t develop heart attack, run into dept or commit suicide.

One thing -> when you will investing on a Forex Broker, please read their terms and conditions carefully, before considering investing in Forex or Binary Option, in most cases do not accept their bonuses, because the term and condition surrounding them can seem to be an impossible goal.I’m glad to say that, Make Money on Binary Options Trading is sure thing with my strategy. But it can only work for you if everything is well understood and applied will not be held liable for any lose incurred during investing. If it works for me or others, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. There is no magic inside my post to be performed, and its not a get rich so quick scheme so don’t expect to wake up the next morning with 100 billion in your Forex or Binary Option account, also because I said its 80% doesn’t mean you should put all your money in one trade. For the strategies to work for you, remove your greed, apply good money management and understand the strategy.

Make Money on Binary Options Trading-My Secret Strategy below :


The Easy Price Action Short-Break Strategy for Binary Options Trading

What is Price Action? Investopedia says, Price action is the movement of a security’s
price.For my own definition in short I can say Price Action is Price Movement in Action or an
Action that the Price is taking.
When you look at your Metatrader right now, what you are seeing is, Price Taking an
action in a particular time frame.


Your Profitability level depends on how well you know the next action the price is about
taking and this is where, Price Action analysis and support/resistance come in.
we are going to see some Formations that are triggered at Support and
Resistance lines and these formations will determines the next price action move, either
upward or downward, we are going to learn how to draw real support and resistance lines
and without having to applying any indicator, we are going to know the direction where
price is heading.

In Plotting our Price Action Lines, there are some certain criteria that has to be met before
taking our trades, which are,
1. There must be a Matching Top or Bottom. The Japanese candlestick pattern called              Tweezer. In this situation the candlestick’s top or bottom are equal at reversal point, up      or down.
2.  We need an Engulfing there.The engulfing is referred to as when the new
candlestick covers the previous candlestick.
3. The Candlestick engulfed must have a long wick than body

This is a an example of a typical candlestick



Below is an example that matches the 3 criteria


I do’t like a very big article to learn everything.So,i divided it to 3 parts.Please follow all of the part bellow to learn my strategy.

Link=> Make Money on Binary Options Trading-Secret Strategy-part2









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