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If you’re trying hard  to earn money online and don’t know where to begin you’ve come to the right place. Well, before starting to this thread you had to have been on wikihat so you were already at the right place to learn how to make money! 😉


Let’s make money!


This is profit generating method I share. So keep reading my full article


On the 18th of July, to make some money myself, but, to mostly help educate/assist to my  only 11-year-old cousin with investing the $150 he had saved, we start shooting out 10-15 offers per day. From Xbox One’s (one of my favorite items), to laptops, TV’s, mobile, vacuum cleaners, an A/C unit, and much more item, we placed offers on any product that we believe that we could resale for a minimum of $50 profit each.


I’ll itemize a few of the many “local” products that  flipped:


Omen HP  Laptop – Seller was asking $700 (I offered him $500, seller accepted $550 and I resold it for $700)

Xbox One (My cousin’s first purchase it – bought for $115 sold the next day for $185)

Home A/C Unit – Purchased for $1,100 (I resold for $1,400). This was a slow seller.


There were many other items we have purchased (I’m not sharing all the item name here). Since we started I flipped 10 items and my cousin 6.


After summing up our profits is, my cousin cleared $687 profit and I just barely broke the 4-digit barrier at $988 profit. This is over the course of about 22 days. It’s really so simple, really simple. Anyone with $100 can start flipping and earn money like us.

I hope at least some one will start this business by reading my article and I hope he/she will success.


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