Binary Options Strategy for real account trading


Binary Options is a better way to make some real money. If you have a working Binary Options Strategy, then I believe that you can earn a lot from this market. Now I’m describing two different Binary Options Strategy below to make some real money.

Turbo 5 minute Binary Options Strategy

Greetings Fellow Trader, instructions for loading the Turbo 5 trading system can be found below in red text, simplified for those with experience and by the numbers for those that are new to Binary Options Trading and the MT4 platform. If you do not have an MT4
the platform already on your computer, I suggest you head over now to TradersWay and open free unlimited no strings FIXED demo account and download their MT4 platform and install it on your computer. Open your MT4 platform and click on help at the top and
then click on about in the drop-down. Look at the build version and if you see version 610 or above, follow these instructions below in (blue). If you have version 509 or older, follow the instructions in (black) below.

Turbo 5 minute Binary Options Strategy instructions:
  1. At the top of your MT4 chart itself, Click on file.
  2. Then click on open data folder in the drop-down
  3. In that dropdown, double-click on the template folder.
  4. Drag & drop or copy & paste your .tpl file into it.
  5. Click on the back arrow at top left, then double click on the
    MQ4 folder
  6. In the drop-down, double-click on the indicators folder
    Drop all your .ex4 files into there.
  7. Close the folders and at the top of the chart, click on the little square icon beside the little clock and in the drop-down click on the #3_turbo_5.tpl template and you should be in business. Load this template on each pair you monitor. Short Video Demo: .

Here are the instructions for Turbo 5 minute Binary Options Strategy version 509 and older :

  1. With the MT4 platform closed, double click on my computer or computer on your desktop.
  2. Double click on your main disk, usually C drive then double click on the programs folder or on some computers program (X86) folder.
  3. Scroll down to MetaTrader double-click on that to open the Binary Options platform folder.
  4. Then scroll down to templates folder and open that, then copy and paste the #3_turbo_5.tpl.
  5. Then scroll back up to the experts’ folder and open that, then scroll to the indicators folder and open that.
  6. You then want to drop 2 files into the indicators folder. The Turbo5CW.ex4 and BO_TURBO_5Alert_DOT.ex4.
  7. Close everything up, open your MT4 platform and at the top click on the little square icon beside the little clock and in the dropdown, click on “#3_turbo_5” template for
    each pair that you want to monitor.
Main Part Start Here:

I’m always asked about what brokers are best to use and this is constantly changing as brokers are dropping U.S. Traders, are starting to have problems with withdraws, etc. You do know that you need a broker that is trustworthy, has 5m expiries and best if he has a
multitude of trading expiries, etc. At this time I am recommending two specific brokers to trade the 5m Turbo and really any other binary systems you might want to trade. Boss Capital & StockPair. StockPair does not accept US traders.

Boss Capital accepts traders worldwide and is situated in Gibralter. Both are great brokers and Boss particularly has an excellent, very easy and clean platform to trade on. You can fund your Binary Options account with a minimum of $200. If you register and fund a live
account with either, from my link, I am an agent for both and I’m compensated by them so just send me the proof of your opening and funding of an account and I will reimburse your $37. The purchase price of the Turbo 5 System as a special bonus. But now it’s free here. Just make sure that before you actually click on my link or banner to open your account that you clear your cookies first so I get credited with the referral.

Turbo 5 minute Binary Options Strategy alert rules:

O.K. Ed How the heck do we trade this thing? Thought you would never ask. (heh, heh) You probably got it down pat from the website if you went through the whole thing but if not it, it is so simple to trade even though it took me about a year to create it right. By the letters :

A) You receive a gold alert dot above the bar for a probable put trade about to come up or below the bar for call trade. At about the same time, you also receive an audible/text box alert to the possible trade.
B) You line up your cross-hairs on that alerted bar and look down at your confirmation window. You will see the future leading confirmation line is giving you the probable direction of the next two 5 minute bars on Binary Options chart that hasn’t even formed yet. We’re interested in the very next bar. If the confirming line is going up for the next bar on a call alert or is going down for the next bar on an out alert, we keep monitoring and getting ready to jump in the 5-minute trade at the exact opening of the next bar.

If the confirming line is flat or going the opposite way, we wait for the next bar and repeat the process with the cross-hairs when that next bar pops up. I will go up to 3 bars and after that, if we haven’t generated a trade, I will wait for a new signal. This is demonstrated in the 2 videos on the site and which I have placed the links here below.

Here is one of the explanation Binary Options trading charts right below:
Binary Options Strategy
Binary Options Strategy

The above chart is quite self-explanatory but HEY! If you have any questions or problems, just comment below and I will get back to you within 24 hours, usually within a couple, always the same day except in timezone changes.

Binary Options CCIRSI trading Strategy:

Summary of Binary Options Strategy CCIRSI system: This trading system is for the 5 min period. 300sec option on 60 sec tab. The payout is 70% on most trades.


  1. RSI period 4 (typical)
  2. levels 10 and 90
  3. CCI period 10 (typical)
  4. Levels -170 and 170

Binary Options CCIRSI system The strategy:

For a call option, go to 5 min chart and look for any pair where the candle formed makes the CCI go
lower than -170. Now go down to 1 min chart. If RSI on 1 minute is below 10, place a 300 sec call option.

Example: AUDUSD 5 min CCI is below -170. Draw a vertical line.

See the Binary Options CCIRSI system screenshot below:

Binary options
Binary options

Now go to 1 min chart on your Binary Options app.

Binary Options Strategy
Binary Options Strategy

Success. This is what it looks like on the 5 min chart.

A Put option for Binary Options CCIRSI trading system:

When the candle formed makes the CCI go above 170, go to one-minute charts and see if RSI is above 90. Then place a 300sec put option.

Binary Options
Binary Options

The charts show the 5 min candle. CCI is above 170. Now draw a vertical line.Now go to 1 min chart.On 1 min RSI is above 90. Place a put trade 300 sec.

Important considerations:

Trades are entered 5 to 3 sec before the 1 min candle close depending on Internet speed
Please only trade on HSDPA (4G) and LTE.
Only enter when all criteria are met. When divergence occurs between the CCI and price action, meaning for a put trade CCI points down but price moves up, DO NOT TRADE!!!!!!
The reason is that there is momentum in current price action and it can cause losses
Do not trade immediately before or after a news announcement.
This system works on higher timeframes but testing showed a drop in win percentage as the price can stall or move higher or lower for one more candle after the criteria are met.
The 300 sec option gives us a chance to enter 5 min trades on a continuous basis. On mobile platforms, 5 min options are not available all the time. Only at broker specific periods. This is a way around that.
The only downside is that payouts drop from 75-80% to 65-75%.
Breakeven ration, therefore, has to be at 70% win rate.
I have changed the RSI to typical price. This is to avoid getting signals whilst the CCI and price action show divergence.

Thank you for reading my article. My another post link about binary options trading strategy below.

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