Binary option working two best strategy


If trading on binary option this is the right place for. I’m going to two working strategy

THE V# binary option Strategy


  1. timeframe:1min
  2. expiration time:60seconds
  3. Bollinger bands:period(6)variation(2)
  4. Moving average: EMAperiode(100)

Binary option #v strategy Rules:

put option :

and a green candle cross this“V”
*the candle must be longer than the previous one
*if the candle cross the EMA line don’t open a trade
*the V must have an Acute angle.

CALL option :

open a trade only if the BB line formes a“^“

and a red candle cross this“^”

The Merah Putih binary option Strategy

Setting indicator :

  1. Ema: 100
  2. RSI : period 2 level 80 & 20
  3. CCI : period 2 level 100 & – 100

Rules :

PUT option when CCI overbought, RSI overbought & EMA 100
below candlestick.

CALL option when CCI oversold, RSI oversold & EMA 100
under candlestick.

binary option
binary option 

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